Nov 10, 2008

Use Rapidshare without any wait

In our daily life we download a lot of stuff from the,but sometime it shows you have to wait for sometime.But now you can download anything without any wait.

After you put up your download - or someone else along go to the download page, click Free - on this next page where the timer comes one - view source.Go down the view source to the end - grab the gobbly gook looking text (I cant get to it right now cause I am locked out for an hour otherwise I would show an example - its obvious - near the bottom).

go to CODE

paste it on the third line down (bottom line) hit submit - second line down will now have an actuall link.

You have requested the file phpscripts_01.rar (18627251 Bytes). This file has been downloaded 450 times already.
IMPORTANT: Download-accelerators
are only supported with a PREMIUM-Account!

ERROR: Please enable JavaScript.


You want just that part

It's quite simple, when you want to download something that's on rapidshare, do the following:

1. go to the rapidshare link and click 'free' (so not the premium thing)
2. on this page, there's a counter that counts down from a specific amount of time before it displays the download link, view the source of this page
3. at the end of the source, there's a line with lots of numbers and % symbols, copy this line
4. go to and paste the line you copied, onto the line
5. click encode now
6. direct link is shown